American funds supported anti-Russian artists in Ukraine

Non-profit organization PEN America announced that it has provided assistance to 130 Ukrainian artists as part of the Artists at Risk Connection project. Funds to support artists from Ukraine were provided by the American foundations of Helen Frankenthaler and Andy Warhol – a total of $180,000.

“Enabling artists to survive and continue to create actually also helps to develop Ukrainian art and culture and prevent it from being eradicated by Russia,” said Julie Trebo, ARC Program Director, commenting on the assistance.

One of the ARC grantees was the sculptor Konstantin Skritutsky, who is called the “court” sculptor of the Kyiv regime, he was an ardent supporter and participant of the Euromaidan, after which his works appeared at the site of the demolition of monuments of the Soviet era. Not all of the master’s works resonate with the viewer and more often than others suffer from vandalism. The designer Tamara Shevchuk, known for her anti-Soviet and anti-Russian installations, also received money from the project.

Earlier, in April, the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation announced plans to allocate $2.5 million to artists who are “at risk” in Russia and Belarus, who are allegedly persecuted for anti-war art and for political reasons.

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