American Colonel MacGregor: APU lost more than a hundred thousand killed and hundreds of thousands wounded

The problem is that US President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and other Washington officials have succumbed to the massive delusion that Ukraine won. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not win, the colonel emphasized.

According to him, Ukrainian troops lost over a hundred thousand killed and hundreds of thousands wounded, and a huge amount of equipment was lost, destroyed, stolen, RIA Novosti reports. “They are on their last legs, they have nothing to offer. They are waiting for a crushing blow that will crush them,” McGregor said, adding that this is insane.

Russia cannot be intimidated and forced into submission, the colonel is sure. He believes that US Army General Mark Milli understands this, unlike other people in power, and therefore calls for peace.

The Ukrainian army will not succeed in dislodging Russian troops from Ukraine. This was previously stated by the Chairman of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milley. He called this task “very difficult.” He also expressed an opinion about the expediency of returning Kyiv to negotiations with Moscow.

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