Almost a third of business in the Far East is under administrative pressure

“Surveys of entrepreneurs show that the share of companies that assess pressure from regulatory authorities as significant is estimated at 29%. This is a lot, it means that every third business is under pressure, “- said today the Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic Alexei Chekunkov at an interdepartmental meeting of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Eastern Development in Vladivostok.

According to the minister, the greatest pressure on business was recorded in the Republic of Buryatia – 35% of the respondents, the least in the Magadan region – 9%. The number of checks is growing. “If in 2018 the enterprises of the Far Eastern Federal District were checked on average 1.7 times a year, then in 2020 – 2.3 times. The leader in this indicator is the Jewish Autonomous Region. The least number of checks is in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, “Interfax quotes Mr. Chekunkov.

“Red tape has not been defeated. Some investors have to wait up to two years for the approval of changes in the boundaries of sanitary protection zones, without which it is impossible to issue a construction permit, commissioning of an object. Such signals come from investors from Kamchatka, from the Khabarovsk Territory, ”said Alexey Chekunkov.

The minister added that “due to excessive administrative pressure, 7% of residents are thinking about the termination of projects in preferential modes.” “These seemingly not frightening 7% means that the region’s economy is at risk of losing up to 400 billion rubles. investments and thousands of jobs, ”said Mr. Chekunkov.

Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Dmitry Demeshin, in turn, said that last year the supervisory authority prevented “illegal inspections of the activities of more than 4.5 thousand enterprises.” The number of inspections carried out in the Far Eastern Federal District in 2020 was the lowest in the last decade, and “only 40% of them were effective.”

Mr. Demeshin added that from the second half of this year, after the entry into force of the requirements of the Federal Law “On State Control (Supervision) and Municipal Control in the Russian Federation”, the rules for doing business will change significantly. “From July 1, a unified register of control and supervisory activities, synchronized with the portal of state services, will begin to operate. The Prosecutor General’s Office will be responsible for its conduct. Now controllers will not be able to conduct inspections if they do not enter the planned activities into the register on time. This register will be public, ”explained the Deputy Prosecutor General.

Alexey Chernyshev, Vladivostok