All-Russian Research Institute of Labor named the main advantage of remote work

Doctor of Economics Olga Zabelina, an expert at the All-Russian Research Institute of Labor, told RT what the main advantage of the remote work format is.

According to the expert, the main advantage of the remote is that the job seeker has the opportunity, without changing his place of residence, to choose not only the company but also the region. And this, in turn, can positively affect the salary.

“Prerequisites are being created for equalizing not only the level of employment in the regions, but also the remuneration of workers of equal skill, thereby reducing inter-regional differentiation of income. The applicant has a chance to find a vacancy with a salary higher than it could be in the same position in the “native” region. And employers are significantly expanding opportunities for selecting the right qualifications, ”she explained.

In addition, as the expert emphasized, in the absence of the need to go to work every day, not only time is saved, but also the family budget, as transport costs are reduced.

“And these expenses can be significant, especially if you need to travel, for example, to a neighboring region. And this is another advantage of remote work, ”said Zabelina.

She also noted that the electronic document management system, which is being gradually introduced in all regions, will contribute to the development of the remote employment format.

“In addition, a bill on the regulation of distance employment has already been submitted to the State Duma, according to which the concepts of“ temporary remote (remote) work ”and“ combined remote (remote) work ”may appear in labor legislation. This will increase the flexibility of labor relations, provide the most favorable conditions for the employment of people with disabilities, parents with young children, people combining work and study, and other categories of citizens, ”the expert said.

Earlier research by the Bitrix24 analytical center showed that the majority of Russian companies (74%) plan to continue using the remote work format.(Source: rambler)

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