Algorand Celebrates Four Year Anniversary of Mainnet and 30 Millionth Block

Algorand Celebrates Four Year Anniversary of Mainnet and 30 Millionth Block

Algoranda first-tier proof-of-stake blockchain, continues to provide the cutting-edge technology needed to run real-world applications with the latest protocol update and other enhancements.

The latest protocol update that happened this week is now available on the mainnet, reducing block time to around 3.3 seconds – a speed increase of over 10 percent – while maintaining instant completion of transactions. Algorand’s unique ability to instantly complete transactions, along with other performance improvements, allows Algorand-based applications to provide a user experience comparable to traditional Web2 applications while leveraging the security and decentralization inherent in blockchain technology.

This week, the blockchain also celebrates the four-year anniversary of the Algorand Mainnet and recorded its 30 millionth block. At the heart of these achievements is the recognition that there has been zero downtime since Algorand launched in 2019.

Some of the latest products and enhancements available to Algorand builders include:

  • Simulate: A powerful smart contract simulator. Simulate allows developers to thoroughly test, identify and fix any issues before deploying to the main network. Simulate also provides a universal reading of blockchain data, offering developers a clear and customizable view of the blockchain. For more information about Simulate.

  • New opportunities for developers. New features include group resource sharing for application calls, devmode timestamp management for testing dApps and new Algod endpoints for transaction group state updates.

  • Conduit: A new tool for flexible and easy data access. This technology allows developers to run their own data solutions, accessing their specific data needs in a simple, flexible and affordable way. For more information about Conduit.

“We are very focused on Algorand providing the best technology for developers and end users,” said Paul Rigle , director of products at Algorand. “With these new capabilities, developers can bring better quality products to market faster. decentralized applications with customizable datasets and faster, more efficient testing.”

Algorand continues to stand out as a blockchain leader, reaching 10,000 TPS and maintaining quantum-safe interoperability with State Proofs. The latest protocol update also followed the launch of AlgoKit — a comprehensive, easy-to-use developer toolkit for building Web3 applications on Algorand.

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