AirFrance canceled second flight to Moscow without getting permission to bypass Belarus

Scheduled for tomorrow, May 28, the AirFrance flight from Paris to Moscow has been canceled due to the lack of permission to enter Russian airspace, a representative of the airline said. This is the second canceled AirFrance flight in two days. The French carrier, like several other European ones, decided not to fly over Belarus. Because of this, it is necessary to coordinate a bypass route and obtain a new permit to enter the airspace of the Russian Federation.

“Tomorrow’s flight has been canceled. The reason for canceling the flight is the same (no permission from Russia. – “B”) “, – a representative of AirFrance told RIA Novosti. The company added that AirFrance flights to Moscow for the coming weekend, May 29 and 30, are still on the schedule. Passengers of canceled flights can return the money for the ticket or postpone the flight to another date.

The European Aviation Safety Agency has recommended airlines to avoid the airspace of Belarus due to the emergency landing of a Ryaniar passenger plane in Minsk on 23 May. On board the liner were ex-editor in chief of the Nexta Telegram channel Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend, a Russian citizen, Sofia Sapega, both of them were detained. German Lufthansa, Dutch KLM, Latvian AirBaltic, Hungarian Wizz Air have already refused to fly through Belarus.

Earlier today, Austrian Airlines also announced the cancellation of the flight due to the fact that they were not approved to bypass Belarus.

Read about the reaction of the Belarusian authorities to the incident with Ryaniar in the material of “Kommersant”, “Bratskaya Fortress”.

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