Actor Agapov noted the absence of star disease in Rudakov

The death of actor Ivan Rudakov at the very peak of his career was terrible news for the Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Ivan Agapov, who is well acquainted with Rudakov’s parents.

“A wonderful person, a wonderful actor, no star disease. This, of course, is a great tragedy. Moreover, I know his parents well. It’s all terrible, of course. On the very takeoff … He had a lot of filming, a lot of great roles, and, of course, I was just killed by this news. The kingdom of heaven, and only sincere feelings about this, ”he shared with Izvestia on January 17.

The death of actor Ivan Rudakov, widely known for his role in the TV series “Kitchen” and the film “The Lancet”, was reported on January 16 by his parents on Facebook. They said the day before that Ivan was in the intensive care unit of the 57th Moscow hospital (D.D. Pletnev City Clinical Hospital) in an extremely serious condition. He was on a ventilator, unconscious, had problems with his heart and lungs. All these are the consequences of the coronavirus transferred in the summer.

Actor Pavel Trubiner, who was friends and worked with Rudakov, was shocked by the news of the death of a “young healthy guy.” The actors had a lot of joint work and could have been even more if not for the tragedy.

Ivan Rudakov was born on October 19, 1978 in Moscow into a family of directors. After leaving school, he entered the acting classes of Vsevolod Shilovsky. In 2005, his film career began: he played the rock singer Vlad Boitsov in the film Pops.

Filmography Rudakov has 44 films. Among the famous paintings are “Sklifosovsky”, “Frontier”, “Aleshkin’s Love”, “20 Years Without Love”, “The Lancet”, as well as the television series “Kitchen”. According to open sources, five more films with his participation were scheduled for release in 2022, they are at the production stage.

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