Aave votes to integrate Coinbase’s Base L2 solution


Aave DeFi Community Starts Procedure temperature check integration proposals for Coinbase’s second-tier Base solution.

The initiative was spearheaded by Francis Gowen, a delegate and participant, as well as a protocol specialist at Flipside Crypto, an analytics company.

“Temperature check” involves community feedback. In case of high activity of project participants, the proposal will move to the next stage for further discussion and assessment of risk parameters. Further put to the final vote.

Gowen noted that integrating Aave v3 with Base will generate significant revenue streams and provide access to a large user base. The latter is confirmed by the active activity of developers in the solution ecosystem from Coinbase, he explained.

The expert noted that 18,000 specialists have already deployed 55,000 smart contracts in the Base testnet.

Aave’s proposal comes a week after a similar initiative appeared in the Uniswap community.

Recall that recently the developers revealed the details of the Base mainnet launch.

In March 2023, the team revealed priority areas for the development of the Coinbase project ecosystem.

On May 8, the third version of Aave was launched in the Metis Network L2 network.

A month earlier, the decentralized landing service community spoke out in favor of deploying the third version of the protocol on the zkSync Era network.

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