Aave v3 fork launched on Coinbase-supported Base network


The Seashell team, in collaboration with a number of DeFi projects, launched a fork of the Aave v3 landing platform called Seamless Protocol on the Base second-level network.

The collaboration included RNG Labs, STIG and Loreum Labs, as well as employees from Ampleforth and Uniswap.

According to the announcement, Seamless Protocol will act as a decentralized liquidity marketplace on Base. The protocol is a full fork of Aave v3 with similar smart contracts.

In a commentary for Cointelegraph, project representatives said that first of all, we are talking about the possibility of borrowing with partial collateral.

Seamless Protocol uses smart contracts with predefined strategies. This approach allows liquidity providers to receive complete information about how funds are used.

According to the team, their smart contract system is better suited for DeFi than on-chain reputation or Worldcoin-style identity solutions.

At the time of writing, the total value of funds blocked in the Seamless Protocol is $276,419. The leading position among projects on Base in terms of indicator is occupied by the decentralized exchange Aerodrome with $139 million.

As a reminder, the full-scale launch of the main network of the Coinbase-supported second-layer solution took place on August 9.

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