A video about ZKP with Hal Finney was discovered in the community


A Web3 project based on the network of the first cryptocurrency, Trust Machines, published a 25-year-old video in which Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney explains the essence of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP).

In the video, the cryptographer who played a key role in the development of Bitcoin speaks at the Crypto ’98 conference in Santa Barbara (California, USA).

In it, Phinney praised his colleagues Ronald Kremer and Ivan Damgaard for a “very efficient and quite flexible” ZKP-based solution.

Zero-knowledge proofs have become the basis for one of the areas of roll-ups – L2 network technology, as well as some payment solutions.

Let us remind you that this year, January 12, marked the 14th anniversary of the first Bitcoin transaction. The creator of digital gold under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto then sent 10 BTC to cryptographer Hal Finney.

Finny mined several blocks on his own personal computer. Since then, cryptocurrency mining has grown into an industry that uses specialized high-performance devices and has a network hashrate exceeding 406 EH/s

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