A resident of Troitsk became a victim of blackmail on the Internet

A young resident of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region, turned to a private services salon via the Internet in order to find a girlfriend for a while. After that, he became a victim of extortionists.


He found on one of the sites the phone number of a salon for the provision of private services and called there. However, no one answered the specified number, according to the Vecherny Troitsk online publication.

Later, a stranger called him back, introducing himself as the administrator of the salon, and stated that the young man, by his actions, caused serious damage to the Internet resource, compromised it, which caused irreparable harm that needs to be compensated. The attacker demanded to transfer money to the specified details, threatening otherwise with unpleasant consequences.

The young man was afraid that his relatives would find out about his immodest hobbies, and transferred to the fraudster all the money he had. The extortionist also demanded to provide a check on the implementation of the banking operation. But the young man did not comply with this requirement and turned to the police.

Law enforcers warn citizens to communicate on the Internet with great care. Reckless actions often entail damage to moral character and the risk of losing your money with the abundance of scammers who, using the Network, rob gullible citizens.


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