A new “sober village” appeared in the north of Kazakhstan

Global Look Press |  Boris Rezvantsev/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Boris Rezvantsev/Russian Look

The village of Kovylnoe, located in the north of Kazakhstan, is recognized as one of the most sober settlements in the country. This was stated by representatives of the press service of the police department of the North Kazakhstan region.

Representatives of the department stressed that the village of Kovylnoye, where more than 400 people live, has become the third “sober village” in Kazakhstan. According to them, over the past few years, local residents have not committed a single crime while intoxicated, Radio Sputnik reports.

District inspector Daulet Moldakhmetov noted that a few years ago, the elders of Kovylny suggested that local residents give up drinking alcohol, to which they responded with their consent. Thanks to this, the villagers let their children go outside without fear, they themselves are not afraid to walk at night and do not lock their doors.


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