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“A more effective negotiator”: Wasserman on Merkel as a possible mediator between Russia and Ukraine


The only thing that Moscow can discuss in negotiations with Kyiv is its surrender. About it in an interview FAN State Duma deputy said Anatoly Wasserman.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview with the RND information platform about her readiness to become a mediator in the conflict in Ukraine in the future.

“Well, Merkel, unlike Scholz, knows how to speak, so the negotiator will come out of her much more spectacular,” Wasserman noted. – The result of the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, I think, worries her just a little too much. About the same as her successor as Chancellor of Germany.”

The MP also noted that the only topic for negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv can only be the unconditional surrender of the latter.

“Meanwhile, the leadership of the Ukrainian terrorists cannot afford them, because at the first hint of surrender they will be exterminated by their own ordinary militants,” the parliamentarian summed up.

At the moment, during a special military operation, Russia has liberated Kherson, as well as a number of settlements in the Zaporozhye region. At the same time, Kharkiv remains under the control of Ukrainian radicals. Residents of the city complain that the militants place their fortifications in residential areas. The armed forces of the LPR and DPR, meanwhile, continue to liberate their territory.



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