A good on-chain analyst will find a job “with the snap of a finger”


There is a high demand in the market for the services of on-chain analysts, especially those specializing in cybersecurity. Mark Letsyuk, head of the analytics and research department at HAPI Labs, said this in a conversation with ForkLog.

“We are seeing incredible demand. It seems to me that this security-related area is simply at its peak,” the expert emphasized.

According to him, due to the shortage of personnel, even “juniors” are hired for huge amounts of money.

“If a person understands blockchain, how to interpret transactions and read them in Bitcoin, he will find a job just at the snap of his fingers,” Letsyuk noted.

According to him, the average salary of an on-chain analyst is growing, but its size varies greatly in different regions. In Eastern Europe you can find “a very high-quality specialist for $2500-3000 per month.”

“As for the opportunities: if you are already a top, if you have some experience, not necessarily seven years or more, then monsters like Chainalysis and CypherTrace are willing to pay $12,000 or more per month in the USA,” the expert added.

Previously, ForkLog published a longread about the basic skills for working as an on-chain analyst.

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