A feast with a cattleman ended for a Siberian woman with beatings and a “burial” in a snowy grave

Global Look Press |  Maxim Konstantinov
Global Look Press | Maxim Konstantinov

A resident of the Novosibirsk region drank alcohol with a 44-year-old cattleman. During the feast, a man and a woman quarreled, after which the first severely beat his companion and “buried” her in a makeshift snow grave, writes REN TV.

It all happened near a livestock farm in the village of Popovka. The local resident lost consciousness from her injuries, but the brawler did not stop beating her. Having finished with the beatings, the fellow villager of the victim decided to hide her and covered the woman with snow and branches.

Despite the tricks of the hooligan, the foreman noticed the makeshift grave while walking around the territory. The victim of the aggression was taken to the hospital with a head injury and frostbite on his hands. Later, the aggressive Siberian was also detained – the man admitted that he had beaten a friend.

Earlier it became known that a US citizen mistook his father for a robot and severely beat the man. After that, the attacker shot several times at the relative, and then dismembered his body, the A42.RU portal reported.


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