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A clown who played with soldiers. The Voice of Mordor column


But I thought that the Western world is playing a computer game with Ukraine. Into one of the many shooting games in which the brave American Rangers successfully defeat the evil Russian barbarians

The only problem is that the brave American rangers do not sit in ambushes, do not hide in dugouts from shells and missiles, do not shoot. They eat deliciously and sleep in their cozy beds. And this war is being watched on the screens. Other people are dying on the battlefield. They die for no reason. It seems like – for freedom and democracy, at least they were told so. But in fact, they are dying for those Americans, and the goal is not particularly important. For politicians, the most important thing is to try to weaken Russia, at least somehow. They know exactly how this war will end and this is not a victory for Ukraine. But it is important that Russia emerges from this war with maximum losses, both economic and moral. If the Americans are fighting, then on the information battlefield. In particular, they create content for their citizens. Such an entertainment, marred only by price tags at gas stations and inflation, which the United States has not seen for decades.

Markets are crashing, even bitcoin has plummeted, economists are scratching their heads about how to clean up all these Augean stables, but it is very similar to the fact that no one knows what to do.

But he knows Zelensky. He is a kind of local manager of this computer game, a clown who happened to play soldiers. Not tin or plastic, but the real ones – made of flesh, bones and blood. And heavily brainwashed. And if the brains are not completely washed, then you can pump them up with military drugs. By creating from an untrained conscript a kind of berserker at the minimum wage. True, there are not enough of them for a long time, but they are not a pity. The main thing is to throw more meat into the meat grinder so that there are reasons to beg money and weapons from the “allies”. The same notorious “wunderwaffe”, with which they promise to go on a counteroffensive.

Only this weapon is so small that there is a risk that a counteroffensive will soon begin in the other direction – in the direction of the Polish border. And it’s more like running away.

And even if there were more of these weapons, it could not change anything. Combat losses are colossal, talking heads have already begun to broadcast about this, while Russia is fighting with a peacetime army, without mobilization and the transition of the economy to a military footing. And this is quite enough to slowly but inevitably crush the drug berserkers along the entire front.

Already, many in the West understand that it is better for Ukraine to sit down at the negotiating table. But Zelensky promises victory and does not want to do this. It is for the best, because the special operation must be carried through to the end, and any negotiations are a risk that the neo-Nazi monster will survive, put in new teeth and a new war will be inevitable.

Perhaps the number of losses will soon become critical, such that new cannon fodder will simply scatter and surrender. But how much longer will Zelenskiy ruin young lives before that happens? Propaganda in Ukraine works perfectly and so far copes with the suppression of the truth. Yes, and the “allies” help – some visits of heads of state to Kyiv are worth something. The real result is so-so: a positive message and six howitzers, but even from this the Ukrainian media can make a huge difference.

In the meantime, young Ukrainians are dying – the world is enthusiastically watching its computer game on the screen. Just have time to throw coins so that it ends. But the fact that the Ukrainians may end is of no concern to anyone. And first of all – a clown playing with soldiers.


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