Austria noted the importance of the dialogue between Putin and Biden

The dialogue between American leader Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin is important and takes place at the right time, since de-escalation in the situation around Ukraine is urgently required. This was reported on Tuesday, December 7, at the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

“De-escalation at the Russian-Ukrainian border is urgently needed. The current situation is fire hazardous and extremely alarming, ”the ministry said in an interview with TASS.

The Austrian Foreign Ministry noted that the dialogue between the United States and Russia at the highest level is especially important, since it takes place at the right time. At the same time, the department clarified that for the European Union (EU) as a whole, as well as for Austria in particular, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is not questioned.

Putin’s talks with Biden took place earlier that day and lasted two hours. At the beginning of the conversation, the American leader said that he hoped to meet with the Russian president in person in the future.

Bloomberg, in turn, reported that after a meeting with Putin, the leaders of the UK and a number of European countries will discuss with Biden the results of the summit talks.

It was noted that during the conversation the heads of state could discuss the situation in Ukraine, NATO’s eastward expansion, the international agenda, and could also touch upon Afghanistan and the issue of bilateral relations.

At the same time, recently, Western media have been publishing materials that allegedly refer to a possible Russian attack on Ukraine. The spokesman for the EU’s foreign policy service Peter Stano said on December 7 that the EU does not accept any aggression against Ukraine and will respond toughly if Russia tries to carry out an attack on it.

A day earlier, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov stressed that the Kremlin sees clearly aggressive rhetoric of the West about Ukraine and media stuffing about the allegedly planned Russian invasion of this country. According to him, tension in Ukraine can be removed only by receiving a guarantee that Kiev has abandoned a possible solution to the problem of Donbass by force.

Accusations of an allegedly possible attack on Kiev have been repeatedly denied in Moscow.

The State Duma adopted a law on indexing mother capital based on actual inflation

The State Duma adopted in the third reading a law specifying the procedure for the annual review of the size of maternity capital. Now the capital is indexed according to the forecasted inflation. Now maternal capital will be indexed according to actual inflation. “The size of maternal (family) capital is revised annually from February 1 of this year based on the consumer price growth index for the previous year in accordance with the indexation coefficient determined by the government of the Russian Federation,” the text of the law says. in Russia since 2007 at the birth of the second child, and since 2020 at the birth of the first. Now its size is 484 thousand rubles. for the first and 639 thousand rubles. for the second child. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that by 2024 the amount of this allowance for the first child will grow to 544,301 rubles. In addition, the law is aimed at protecting the pension savings of citizens. The law proposes, in the event that the court recognizes the contract on compulsory pension insurance invalid, to oblige the insurers ….

American Airlines CEO announces retirement after 20 years in office

Today, December 7, Doug Parker, CEO of the leading US and global airline, American Airlines, announced his retirement from this post next March. Mr. Parker, who became CEO of the company back in 2001, will take over as chairman of the company’s board, and the new CEO will be the current president of American Airlines, Robert Ice, who has been in this post since 2016. Mr. Parker explained that the company has been preparing a plan for a gradual change of leadership for several years and, if not for the pandemic, the transfer of powers could have happened earlier. But now, as Doug Parker explained, the airline has begun to recover from the pandemic, so he can safely hand over to his successor. Doug Parker took over as CEO of American Airlines just days before the September 11, 2001 attacks, which caused the deepest crisis in the global airline industry. Nevertheless, the airline managed to successfully overcome it, and then survive another – the global financial crisis of 2008….

Nepomniachtchi lost to Carlsen in the ninth game of the match for the world chess crown

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The share of global wealth in the hands of billionaires has increased to record levels during the pandemic

The French research organization World Inequality Lab, which studies inequality in the world, published the World Inequality Report 2022, which says that the pandemic has significantly increased wealth inequality. It is noted that approximately 2,750 billionaires control 3.5% of the state of the entire world, while in 1995 this share was only 1%. During the pandemic, global wealth inequality rose at a record pace, according to the study. Researchers estimate that the combined wealth of the poorest half of humanity is equal to only 2% of the wealth of the world’s richest people. Income inequality is greatest in the regions of the Middle East and North Africa, where the richest 10% of the population own almost 60% of the total income of the population of the entire region. Sub-Saharan Africa (57%) is in second place, followed by Latin America (55%) and South and Southeast Asia (53%). In Russia and the countries of Central Asia, 10% of the richest citizens own 48% of total income ….