77% of Russian entrepreneurs took advantage of the state support program

The most popular state support measures among small and medium-sized businesses in 2022 were soft loans, guarantees, preferential leasing, and factoring. According to research by analysts from the Platforma business company and the Sravni.ru financial marketplace, 77% of Russian SME managers took advantage of the measures. However, entrepreneurs also applied internal restrictions in order to save money. “External circumstances have become catalysts for the transformation of Russian small business. These figures indicate the readiness of enterprises to adapt to new market realities. Such a trend is usually accompanied by an update of the pool of partners and contractors, and their choice is of particular importance, since in difficult times the cost of a mistake is especially high, ”said Boris Vasilyev, head of financial services development at Platforma. The most popular state support measures among businessmen are loans at preferential rates ( 21%), credit holidays (16%), guarantees (15%), preferential leasing (11%) and factoring (11%). The most requested….

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