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15 dead in Peru when minibus falls into chasm

The fall of a minibus into the abyss on the Mazamari River claimed the lives of 15 people on Saturday, July 30. According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident could be speeding, according to the portal La Republica.

The tragedy occurred on the central highway under construction, which will connect the capital of Lima with the city of Huancayo in the department of Junin. According to the publication, recklessness and speeding caused a traffic accident that claimed the lives of 15 people.

The accident happened at noon. Rescuers quickly responded to the incident and rescued three injured. One of them, a minor, died on the way to the hospital.

Local residents, along with rescue teams, were involved in rescuing survivors and retrieving dead passengers. After almost five hours of rescue work, the bodies of 13 victims were recovered. A few hours later, two more people who were badly injured died from their injuries in the hospital. One victim remains under medical supervision.

The bus driver was 36-year-old Hamilton Porras Quispe, who transported passengers from the Mazamari area to downtown Kubaro. The fatal accident occurred in the Materiato sector, on the section of the marginal road Mazamari – Puerto Ocopa.

On July 27, a bus fell off a cliff in Nicaragua, killing between 12 and 15 people, radio station La PrimerĂ­sima reported. According to media reports, the bus’s brakes failed, due to which it fell into the abyss between the settlements of Esteli and Condega.

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