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Couriers increase in price


In a month, couriers in Russia can earn 20-60% more than the average employee from the same region. This is the conclusion reached by the experts of the Central Social Service and the All-Russian People’s Front, having analyzed earnings in the labor markets of 14 Russian cities.

In several Russian cities, the courier’s monthly earnings exceed the average salary in the region by 20-60%. This is the conclusion reached by the experts of the Center for Strategic Studies and the ONF in a joint study of the labor market for delivery workers. The sample of the study is more than 2 thousand people, it was carried out in 14 cities of the Russian Federation.

According to the CSR and ONF, for 65% of respondents, courier activity is the only source of income, and 35% combine it with other activities (while 21% of couriers note that it provides more than 50% of their income for them).

On average, couriers earn 399 rubles per hour. The income of couriers per hour differs depending on how they deliver goods: couriers on cars earn the most (about 450 rubles / hour), while on foot couriers have the lowest income per hour (318 rubles / hour) … Couriers from Russia have an hourly income higher than citizens of other countries (411 versus 296 rubles / hour).

The earnings of women per hour are higher than the earnings of men (417 against 387 rubles / hour), and the earnings of couriers over 35 are higher than the earnings of their younger colleagues (424 against 384–398 rubles / hour).

The work schedule of couriers is not uniform: a quarter of couriers prefer to work part-time up to 20 hours a week, while the same number of couriers work 45 hours a week or more. Collectively, almost 50% of couriers work 165 hours or more per month, which is the standard volume of work. In this case, their average earnings may exceed the same indicator after deducting personal income tax for the region of their residence. So, for example, with a full month’s employment, a courier in Saratov will earn almost 80 thousand rubles, while the average salary in the region does not exceed 30 thousand. Kazan the corresponding figures are 85.4 thousand rubles. and 34.6 thousand rubles, in Vladivostok – 79.3 thousand rubles. and 43.6 thousand rubles, in Krasnodar – 74.2 thousand rubles. and 33.5 thousand rubles. Only in Moscow couriers’ earnings are lower than the average city salary, and the difference between them is quite significant and amounts to 34%.

Anastasia Manuilova

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