Zelensky called UN a “retired superhero” and called for reviving the organization

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticized the United Nations (UN) and its work during a speech at the General Assembly session in New York on September 22. He compared her activities to “a retired superhero who forgot what he was capable of” and called for change and renewal.

“The UN has long heard only criticism, accusations that the UN can do nothing. And the worst accusation is that the UN has become the League of Nations. Today the UN is like a retired superhero who has forgotten what he is capable of. He considers himself a burden, a weak, unnecessary old man, whose life was in vain, “the press service of the presidential office quoted the Ukrainian leader as saying.

He listed the achievements of the organization and recalled that for this it is worth trying to “revive” the UN and make it capable of solving the problems of our time. And it’s worth starting the change with the charter.

“I understand that criticism of the UN is often heard. But we criticize ourselves. The UN is not a building, the UN is the leaders. And it was they who created the UN 76 years ago. Could they have foreseen and calculated everything? I am sure not, ”Zelensky turned to his colleagues.

He called on the heads of state to strengthen interaction and “unite for the sake of children – the most important thing we have.”

Earlier that day, Vladimir Zelensky called the changes and reforms taking place in the country the reason for the assassination attempt on his first assistant Sergei Shefir. Because of this incident, he will interrupt his overseas trip to the United States and return to Kiev ahead of schedule.

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