Washington Post: Russian hackers attacked American corn and soybean producer

The hacker group BlackMatter, which is associated with the disbanded group DarkSide and the Russian authorities, attacked the American agricultural company NEW Cooperative, according to The Washington Post. The hackers demanded a ransom of $ 5.9 million to unlock the computer network of the cooperative, which is part of a large farming alliance and supplies corn and soy products. In case of non-payment of this amount in the coming days, hackers threaten to raise it to $ 11.8 million. As the company said, its specialists turned off the cooperative’s computer network to isolate the intrusion of hackers. NEW Cooperative is now working with law enforcement and US authorities, and the company has notified the hackers of this. BlackMatter is a new hacker group that emerged just a few months ago. It is assumed that it also includes former members of the DarkSide and REvil groups. All of them are considered Russian, since they do not attack the websites of Russian companies and companies from the CIS countries, as well as computers using the Cyrillic alphabet. DarkSide has stopped….

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