Washington police detain four people at a rally

Police detained four people at a rally in Washington in support of the participants in the storming of the US Congress building in January, according to metropolitan law enforcement officials on September 18. Twitter.

At the same time, it is noted that one of the demonstrators brought to the police station was detained for carrying weapons.

“Someone noticed something that looked like a pistol on a man in the crowd. The witness informed the officers, who, in turn, detained the suspect, ”the police said.

Two others were detained by the police on arrest warrants issued in Texas. The first was wanted by Texas officers for violation of parole, the other for possession of firearms.

A total of 400 to 450 people took part in the demonstration in Washington, according to police.

Earlier it was reported that a Saturday rally in downtown Washington in support of the participants in the storming of the Capitol building was attended by about two hundred people. At the same time, as REN TV noted, the number of press and police exceeded the number of demonstrators.

Initially, the organizers notified the city authorities about the gathering of about 700 people for the action.

According to the testimony of journalists, the protesters failed to demonstrate solidarity. Some shouted slogans, but the crowd remained indifferent to them en masse, and the situation was limited to the shouts of individual participants.

On September 4, it became known that the “Viking” who participated in the storming of the Capitol, Jacob Anthony Chansley, a resident of the American state of Arizona, faces up to 20 years in prison. The defendant admitted his guilt.

On January 6, supporters of former US President Donald Trump after the rally broke into the Congress building, where the approval of the results of the presidential elections held in November was to take place. The meeting was disrupted. Five people were killed in the riots, including a policeman.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has opened more than 160 criminal cases. This is one of the largest investigations in US history.

The first convict was 38-year-old Florida resident Paul Hodgkins. He was sentenced to eight months in prison “for obstructing the efforts of Congress to tabulate and confirm the election results” of the US president.

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