Vedomosti: the government discusses increasing the tax and excise burden

During a meeting of the government budget commission on July 1, the concept of adjusting the tax system was discussed, the Vedomosti newspaper reports, citing a high-ranking federal official and other sources. The retrofitting provides for an increase in budget allocations by 400 billion rubles. annually in 2022-2024. The idea is being discussed in connection with the search for funds that could finance “strategic government initiatives.”

As part of the readjustment, it is proposed (in parentheses – the expected growth of contributions to the budget):

  • increase the mineral extraction tax (MET) for the metallurgical industry (over RUB 100 billion);
  • expand and adjust the additional income tax (APT) regime for the oil industry (about RUB 90 billion);
  • change the system of paying excise taxes (about 100 billion rubles);
  • change the taxation system for high net worth individuals (about 100 billion rubles, along with other measures).

The increase in the MET for metallurgists was already carried out in 2020, but the concept of additional tuning implies an increase in the tax burden on the extraction of those types of raw materials for which there was no increase, Vedomosti notes. Speaking about plans to change the excise system, the sources of the publication note that the proposals relate to sugar-sweetened beverages and some types of alcohol, and measures may include both the introduction of new taxes and improved administration.

Whether it is possible to find funds for the government’s strategic initiatives will depend on whether they are implemented in full or in part, said one of the sources of the publication. He noted that budget sequestration is also being discussed for their implementation.

On June 1, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov held a meeting with metallurgists. The meeting took place the next day after First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov said that metallurgical companies “pressed the state” and, according to him, should return about 100 billion rubles to the budget. Later, Mr. Belousov again criticized companies from the industry, saying that they “made some screams”, despite the fact that the country’s authorities supported the economy during the coronavirus pandemic.

How much did the tax payments of metallurgists increase – in the material of Kommersant, “Steel poured into the budget”.

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