Utair allowed to carry cats and dogs in passenger seats

Utair passengers can now reserve a seat for a pet; at the purchase stage, you need to issue two air tickets – for yourself and the pet. The weight of the pet together with the carrier must not exceed 20 kg. The statement of the airline specifies that the pet on board will need a carrier up to 55x40x40 cm with a secure locking device, which will be attached to the seat with seat belts. , – reported in Utair. The company also retains free transportation of service animals. In June, Aeroflot changed the rules and procedures for the transportation of animals. The number of pets allowed for carriage by one passenger has been increased from one to three. In the cabin, in one carrier, you can carry two adult animals (over six months old), if their weight together with the container does not exceed 8 kg. …

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