US regulator finds new problems with Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has identified problems with several Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft that have not yet entered service. The manufacturer has promised to fix the problem before shipments of the liners begin, Reuters reported.

The FAA said the “manufacturing problem” concerns the nose of the aircraft. The department stressed that it “does not pose an immediate threat to flight safety.” How many liners this flaw was found is not specified. “Boeing has pledged to repair these aircraft before resuming deliveries,” the regulator said.

The FAA added that after verifying the data, “it will determine whether similar modifications should be made to the 787 already in commercial operation.” Boeing declined to comment.

According to Reuters, there are about 100 undelivered 787 Dreamliners in Boeing’s warehouse. In December 2020, Boeing experts discovered a manufacturing defect in the fuselage skin of some 787 Dreamliner aircraft, after which their deliveries were suspended, and the company intensified inspections of these liners. In March 2021, it was reported that the FAA had decided to test the 787 Dreamliner aircraft itself before issuing permission to transfer them to airlines. To resume deliveries, Boeing must obtain an “airworthiness” certificate issued by the FAA after a safety audit of the aircraft.

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