Urent, Citymobil and Whoosh create a code of ethics for driving electric scooters

Rental services Urent, Citymobil and Whoosh, together with the artists of the Yav art group, have launched a public service advertisement dedicated to the ethical driving of electric scooters, Inc. They placed posters on the streets of Moscow with the main rules for driving such vehicles.

The distributors have formulated eight main rules for operating an electric scooter:

  • dismount at the transition;
  • take care of yourself and ride carefully (Inc explains that we are talking about insurance);
  • operate the scooter with two hands;
  • do not ride drunk;
  • do not ride together;
  • do not drive among the crowd;
  • to park like a human;
  • do not honk people in the back.

Recall that in May, the chairman of the Moscow City Duma, Alexei Shaposhnikov, announced the plans of the capital’s authorities at the legislative level to limit the speed for means of individual mobility (scooters, gyro scooters, bicycles, etc.), which should not exceed 15 km / h. As noted by Mr. Shaposhnikov, the new rules will affect all parks and two streets located in the center of the capital.

More information about the initiative – in the material of “Kommersant” “Electric scooters put parks in the wheel.”

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