Unpackaged “Galaxy” // Large milk producer fears a shortage of new packaging

The start of the second stage of labeling of dairy products with a shelf life of more than 40 days can be complicated. Tetra Pak, the largest packaging supplier to the industry, is only able to reach the required production volumes in November, and dairies have to organize the coding process themselves, which threatens to reduce capacity, market participants say. The operator of the labeling system assures that the preparation is proceeding as planned, and there are no problems with the supply of packaging.

The largest supplier of packaging for the dairy industry, Tetra Pak, may not be able to provide the required production volumes by September 1 – the beginning of the second stage of labeling of dairy products with a shelf life of more than 40 days. This, according to Kommersant, at a meeting with the Deputy Director of the Department of Food and Processing Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture Vladimir Skvortsov on June 29, said a representative of a major manufacturer of dairy products GK Galaktika.

As noted by a representative of the group, she is involved in a labeling experiment with Tetra Pak and only the design approval with delivery takes three to four weeks. “We have not yet worked out the entire software part. I expect that Tetra Pak will be ready approximately by November, ”said a representative of Galaktika.

According to Vladimir Skvortsov, there are risks of repeating the start of mandatory labeling of cheese and ice cream from June 1, when market participants were forced to abandon the printing method of labeling, look for equipment suppliers, and hire personnel to manually apply codes. Because of this, some manufacturers, including Unilever, did not manage to organize labeling by June 1 (see Kommersant on May 19).

Dmitry Patrushev, head of the Ministry of Agriculture, at a meeting with deputies of the State Duma Committee on Agrarian Issues in March 2021, TASS

We will live now with dairy product labeling

Dmitry Pinchukov, Chairman of the Board of Galaktika Group of Companies, confirmed to Kommersant that the company is forced to re-equip its own marking lines in order not to stop work. But typographic coding is a priority: an extra operation on production lines can potentially lead to a 3-5% decrease in production and an increase in scrap, says a top manager. Danone, PepsiCo, Rennes, Molvesta and Komos Group did not respond to Kommersant.

Tetra Pak told Kommersant that they are already printing packaging with markings and delivering test lots to customers’ enterprises. In the near future – increasing volumes, setting up and automating processes. They admitted that the company has certain difficulties, but they expect to be ready by September “in a volume sufficient for customers.” The market for dairy products with a shelf life of more than 40 days is estimated at Tetra Pak at 200 million liters per month.

According to the operator of the CRPT labeling system, preparation is proceeding as planned, Tetra Pak is not experiencing difficulties, other packaging suppliers have no global problems, and all emerging issues are promptly resolved. According to the operator’s representative, the companies involved in the production of dairy products with a shelf life of more than 40 days are preparing for the start of the second stage, and, as always, those who started it on time feel more comfortable. pilot project”.

General Director of Soyuzmolok Artem Belov notes that dairy producers work with other packaging suppliers, choose different methods of application, and companies will work out various options for working in the system by the time it is put into operation. Soyuzmolok believes that solutions will be found, and that difficulties will not affect the availability of packaging and products. The Ministry of Agriculture hopes that the industry is fully prepared for the next stage of the introduction of labeling by September 1 and plans to contact the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the issue of providing enterprises with labeled packaging in full.

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