Ukrainian MP accused Zelensky of usurpation of power

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the party “Opposition Platform – For Life” Yuriy Zagorodny, speaking on Wednesday, September 22 in the Verkhovna Rada, accused the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky of usurpation of power.

“100% its own attorney general, its head of the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine. Ed.), A manual mono-majority, controlled by the Cabinet led to the fact that Ukraine from a parliamentary-presidential republic de facto turned into a presidential one “, said the deputy, speaking in the parliament.

According to him, over the years of Zelensky’s rule, tariffs and gas prices have increased, the state of his closest circle and the salaries of law enforcement officers have grown, and the population continues to be impoverished. He also reproached the President of Ukraine for the fact that the conflict in Donbass was never resolved.

The Ukrainian leader has been repeatedly criticized for his actions and words. So, the day before, the former Rada deputy Yevgeny Muraev, on the air of the NASH TV channel, accused the president of a short-sighted and pseudo-patriotic policy, when he said that it was the head of state who was responsible for high gas prices for the country’s residents. He pointed out that Kiev had refused Moscow’s offer to sign a direct contract for the purchase of gas at the level of $ 175 per 1,000 cubic meters. m. and as a result, the Ukrainians will have to overpay more than $ 6 billion.

Earlier, on August 19, the former Minister of Economy of Ukraine Viktor Suslov said that the difficult gas situation that Ukraine got into is associated with the low competence of the country’s government and the leadership of the Ukrainian oil and gas company Naftogaz. For example, Ukraine has become the only European state that has abandoned a long-term gas contract with Russia, and is now forced to buy it at a market price that has reached almost a thousand dollars per cubic meter.

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