Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: Nord Stream 2 deal is not the end of history

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba believes that the deal between Germany and the United States on Nord Stream 2 should not be regarded as the end of the game or the end of history. He recalled that the pipeline is still subject to certification and insurance procedures. According to the minister, the agreements between the two countries do not resolve the issue of Ukraine’s security.

“The game did not end yesterday, but was simply transferred from regular time to overtime. But we still have two halves, and if necessary, a series of post-match penalties in order to maximally protect the national interests of Ukraine. Therefore, the German-American statement should not be regarded as the end of history, “said Mr. Kuleba during a visit to eastern Ukraine together with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto (quoted by Ukrinform).

Dmitry Kuleba believes that many questions remain about the execution of the deal between Germany and the United States. In the framework of consultations with the EU, he intends to raise the question of how the partners intend to protect the security of Ukraine and Central Europe. “Yesterday’s German-American statement does not address the security issue of Ukraine, which is directly affected by the launch of Nord Stream 2,” the minister said. He also intends to raise the question of how the pipeline will be “brought under the influence of the EU’s Third Energy Package.”

Germany and the United States made a deal the day before. It obliges the FRG to respond to acts of aggression by Russia against Ukraine, including by sanctions on energy exports. Also, Germany should lobby for the extension of gas transit through Ukraine after the completion of the agreement in 2024. Ukraine and Poland believe that the abandonment of attempts to stop the construction of the gas pipeline deepens the crisis.

About the consequences of the deal – in the material of “Kommersant” “Russian gas exploded to the whole world.”

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