UK faces gasoline shortages

On Saturday, September 25, in several parts of the UK, queues were formed – sometimes for many hours – for gasoline. Some filling stations were forced to impose restrictions on the sale of fuel or even close, according to Reuters. Photos and videos of motorists trying to fill up canisters of gasoline for future use or how they fight at a gas station over a place in a queue are spreading on social networks. The police urged citizens to remain prudent, not to start fights, not to block the roadway with cars, not to pump out all gasoline at gas stations, as it may be required, for example, by ambulances or firefighters. Oil companies explained the situation by the fact that they lacked tank drivers who would have brought gasoline from refineries to gas stations. BP estimates that 10-15% of its 1,200 filling stations in the country lack fuel. The government responded to public outrage: Transport Minister Grant Shapps said that there is enough gasoline and “there is no shortage of gasoline in the country.” Minister….

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