Turkey assessed the possibility of closing the country due to coronavirus

The Turkish authorities do not rule out the closure of the country to foreign tourists in the event of a sharp increase in the spread of the “delta” strain of coronavirus, but so far this issue is not on the agenda. This was stated by the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the republic Mehmet Nuri Ersoy on the air of the CNN Turk TV channel.

“There is no guarantee of anything, and, of course, you need to watch what is happening in a number of provinces with the Delta strain. However, with regard to international flights, the situation throughout the country is taken into account, ”said Mr. Ersoy (quoted by RIA Novosti).

According to him, Turkey expects to receive 25 million tourists this year, having received an income of $ 20 billion. “We closed June in accordance with our expectations. We have ambitious goals for July, which, apparently, will also be achieved, judging by the data we receive from the airports, ”he added.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, as of July 18, 7,680 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the country per day. 5835 people recovered, 66 died.

Flights from Russia to Turkey resumed on June 22. By mid-July, the most popular resort – Antalya – received over 1,000 planes with Russian tourists.

Can Turkey be closed again for Russian tourists because of COVID-19 – read in the material of Kommersant FM “Antalya is on the rise.”

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