Trump cites doctors as reason for refusing to run in 2024 elections

Former US President Donald Trump spoke about a condition that could prevent him from running for office again. In an interview with radio station Real America’s Voice on September 25, he cited the “doctor’s call” as a reason to thwart his attempts to return to the White House.

“I think a call from a doctor with bad news or something like that. Things happen. By the will of God, anything can happen, but I feel pretty good, ”said 75-year-old Trump.

The ex-president lamented that he could not look at what was happening in the country and what was being done to it, so he would again make attempts to lead it.

For example, on September 20, his office issued a warning that the migration crisis could soon turn the United States into a third world country. Trump assures that this has never happened in the country: worse than how many migrants have already “leaked”, only their number is on the way to the United States.

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