Traffic police stopped fine drivers for average speed

Russian drivers are no longer fined for average speed. On Thursday, September 23, REN TV reports.

As the TV channel notes, the system has been working in several regions for about eight years, practically without a legal basis, and after numerous complaints from drivers about fines, the traffic police stopped issuing fines for exceeding the average speed.

It is noted that earlier, on certain sections of the road, cameras recorded the speed of the car twice – at the beginning and at the end of the section. However, fines were sent not for a specific violation, but for exceeding the average speed, they want such a concept absent in Russian legislation.

On September 4, Russian drivers were warned of new fines. The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation noted that they will begin to punish drivers under the new articles no earlier than 2022. At the same time, the innovations will not affect the non-penalty threshold for exceeding the speed limit of 20 km / h.

So, starting next year, the fine for the lack of technical inspection can be increased from 500-800 rubles to 2 thousand rubles. At the same time, Russia will begin to fine for abandoned car junk, the sanction will be up to 3 thousand rubles.

On July 13, the Federation Council proposed to abolish some of the fines from road cameras. Members of the Federation Council explained that the changes are necessary due to the growth in the number of new funds that fix violations, and unreasonable fines for motorists. According to the bill, if the camera does not meet the requirements of the government, but it filmed the violation on the road, the administrative proceedings cannot be started, and if it starts, it must be terminated.

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