Titov proposed not to deprive single mothers of benefits who received grants for starting a business

Boris Titov, Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights under the President of Russia, proposed not to deprive single mothers of child allowances who received grants for starting a business. He sent a letter to Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Mr. Titov pointed out that most often they are seamstresses, hairdressers, organizers of children’s events, and their income is low.

Boris Titov said in a letter about the appeal to him of single mothers who received grants to start their own business under various state employment support programs. “Regional social welfare authorities refuse to provide them with child benefits, pointing out that, taking into account the grant, the average per capita income of their family exceeds the level set for the payment of benefits,” the letter says (quoted by TASS).

In this regard, the Commissioner proposed to amend paragraph 25 of the requirements for the procedure for the appointment and implementation of monthly cash payments for a child aged three to seven years, approved by government decree No. 384 of March 31, 2020. It proposes to indicate that “a one-time financial assistance from the state, provided to a citizen in order to organize his own business, is not taken into account in the calculation of the average per capita family income.”

Earlier, Mr. Titov said that the state, when introducing a lockdown or a long weekend due to the coronavirus, should pay downtime for employees directly, bypassing the employer. The Kremlin noted that the pandemic worsened the situation of small and medium-sized businesses, but now small and medium-sized businesses operate almost everywhere in a free mode.

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