Themselves with statuses // Citizens will be able to become self-employed right on the marketplaces

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is discussing simplifying the entry of entrepreneurs to marketplaces and service aggregators – for this, the registration of self-employed directly on the trading platform is considered. The profile Association of Internet Trade Companies (AKIT) proposes to issue such registration with the help of “Gosuslug”. Now, thousands of self-employed are trading on marketplaces, and simplifying the entry of new sellers will take many out of the gray zone, experts say.

The government is preparing new rules for registering self-employed to simplify their work on marketplaces and service aggregators, follows from the letter of AKIT to the Ministry of Industry and Trade on July 6 (available from Kommersant). Amendments are being made to the law “On conducting an experiment to establish a special tax regime” Tax on professional income “”. The Ministry of Industry and Trade confirmed to Kommersant that they had requested opinions on the work of marketplaces from representatives of the industry. The Federal Tax Service (FTS) did not respond to the request.

Now you can register as self-employed, for example, through the official application “My Tax” from the Federal Tax Service. AKIT proposes to register self-employed on the trading floor through the ESIA account, that is, “State Services”. In this case, the site operator will transfer the application of the individual to the Federal Tax Service using a qualified electronic signature, the association indicates in the letter.

“We want the service for people to be available in the place where it is in demand. This is done for new suppliers, ”explains AKIT President Artem Sokolov. The idea is for the marketplace to be able to provide merchants with the maximum range of services, including financial services, he adds. “Self-employed, when registering on marketplaces, undergo security checks and accreditation, which takes time. By simplifying the procedure, we will help speed up their entry to the site, ”added Mr. Sokolov.

According to AKIT estimates, the e-commerce market grew by 58.5% in 2020, to 3.2 trillion rubles; in the volume of the retail market its share was 9.6%. According to Data Insight, Wildberries and Ozon are in the lead among marketplaces in terms of turnover.

According to the Ministry of Economy, as of June 1, there were about 2.4 million registered self-employed in Russia. On marketplaces, they can only trade in goods of their own production for no more than 2.4 million rubles. in year. About 40 thousand self-employed people trade through Wildberries, the company says. They support the idea of ​​AKIT: “Registration through online aggregators will make all processes completely seamless.” There are about 4 thousand self-employed people on AliExpress Russia, and most of them register with the tax office before entering the marketplace, as they use several sales channels. “We do not exclude the introduction of additional services for the self-employed, not directly related to our main activity – providing infrastructure and audience for trade in goods,” the company added.

Managing Director of Avito Services Artem Kumpel agrees that registering a self-employed immediately on the online platform is much more convenient: “We are working on the possibilities of integration with the Federal Tax Service, so that self-employed people can confirm and, in the future, get their status on Avito”.

Executive Director of Ivan Kurguzov believes that the purpose of the proposed innovations is to bring “garage” manufacturers from social networks to marketplaces from the gray zone, which, according to various estimates, number up to 20 million people in Russia. The initiative should help small artisans who do not want to bother registering themselves or entering data into the “State Services”, but strive to operate legally, argues the CEO of eBay in emerging markets Ilya Kretov: “However, it is important not to make this a prerequisite for online sales, so how such changes will have a profound effect on free trade and competition. “

At the same time, the interlocutor of Kommersant in the online retail market does not expect that the new opportunity will make marketplaces much more attractive, since even now the registration of a self-employed person “takes a few minutes”.

Dmitry Shestoperov

The largest online stores in Russia

Score Online sales in 2020, RUB bln Sales growth by 2019,%
Wildberries 413.2 96
Ozon 197 144
Citylink 132.7 47
DNS 116.8 117
“M Video”* 113.2 100
“El Dorado”* 53.8 95
Lamoda 53 32
“” 50.1 46
AliExpress Russia 49 171
“Yandex Market” 44.1 136

* Included in the group “M.Video-Eldorado”.

Source: Data Insight.

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