The United States called on the DPRK for dialogue after the launch of another missile

The US administration calls on the official Pyongyang for dialogue in connection with the new launch of the DPRK missile. This was announced on September 28 by the deputy head of the press service of the State Department, Jalina Porter.

“We are ready to meet with the DPRK without preconditions, and we certainly hope that the DPRK will respond positively to our support. […] it is worth emphasizing that our goal remains the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, ”the press service of the US State Department quoted her as saying.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that North Korea had fired an unidentified shell towards the Sea of ​​Japan. The Japanese government has shared its suspicions that it is a ballistic missile.

South Korea expressed concern about the appearance of hypersonic weapons in the DPRK. According to experts, North Korea could test a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV).

The German government, in turn, called on North Korea to comply with international obligations and accept proposals for dialogue from the United States and South Korea. Also in the statement of the German Foreign Ministry, it was noted that Pyongyang should stop programs to develop weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles.

On September 23, US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby said that the United States administration was open to discussing the preparation of a declaration to end the war on the Korean Peninsula. On August 10, the sister of the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Yeo-jong, said that peace on the Korean Peninsula can be achieved only after the “expulsion” of the American military.

Earlier, on September 15, North Korea carried out two missile launches towards the Sea of ​​Japan. Both missiles are believed to be ballistic. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said the missile launch threatens Japan’s regional security.

On September 13, the DPRK announced the successful tests of new long-range cruise missiles – strategic vehicles, the development of which had been going on for two years.

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