The State Duma will consider the project on the unity of the management system as a priority

The president will be able to dismiss regional legislative assemblies, the heads of the constituent entities will have the right to be re-elected more than two times, but they will have to call themselves only heads. As Izvestia found out, this is stated in the text of the draft law “On the general principles of organizing public power in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation”, which will be considered by the State Duma as a priority.

The document envisages the creation in Russia of a unified model of organization and activity of public authorities of the regions, prescribes their powers, as well as the level of responsibility. The bill consists of 11 chapters and 65 articles. The document specifies in detail by what mechanisms this unity will be achieved. For example, a large block of new norms is devoted to the heads of the subjects.

“The title of the position of the highest official is“ Head ”with a further indication of the name of the subject. The constitution (charter) of a subject, taking into account historical, national and other traditions, may provide for an additional title for the position of a senior official. Such a name cannot contain words and phrases that make up the name of the position of the head of state – the President of the Russian Federation, ”the document says.

Also, a single term of office is prescribed for all heads of the constituent entities, which will be five years. At the same time, the bill provides for the removal of the ban for chapters from being elected for more than two consecutive terms.

It is stipulated that federal executive bodies can participate in the formation of regional executive bodies in the fields of education, health care, finance, as well as housing and construction supervision.

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