The shopping center “Atrium” in Moscow may be closed for three months for violation of the mask regime

The shopping center “Atrium” in Moscow faces a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles. for the fact that many of its visitors did not wear masks, said the capital’s Association of Administrative and Technical Inspections (OATI). If the facts of harm to human health are established, the shopping center may be fined up to 1 million rubles. or close it for up to 90 days. The chief inspector of OATI, Jan Popovsky, said that during the daily raids in the Atrium, it was found that a large number of visitors were without masks. “At the checkout counters in some stores, visitors were served without masks, or with masks that were not properly dressed – on the chins or around the neck,” he told reporters. On the eve, on September 27, the Moscow authorities announced strengthening control over the observance of the mask regime in Moscow stores and a cafe. This is due to an increase in the incidence of coronavirus – in recent days, more than 3 thousand cases of infection have been detected in the city every day. Details – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Business wants to throw off the masks.” …

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