The retail price for buckwheat for the first time in 10 years has exceeded 100 rubles per kilogram

In the summer of 2021, prices for buckwheat in stores rose to a record level over the past ten years, RBC reports, citing Rosstat data. In August, the cost of 1 kg of buckwheat in stores reached 102.5 rubles on average. The last time the mark was 100 rubles. per 1 kg, prices for this cereal exceeded only in May 2011, when buckwheat rose in price to 112 rubles. per 1 kg. Last year, buckwheat rose in price against the background of rush demand at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, when Russians, in preparation for the self-isolation regime, bought goods with a long shelf life. In the summer of last year, buckwheat became one of the most expensive products for the year: in July, the price for it rose 1.8 times year-on-year, to 87 rubles. for 1 kg. Buckwheat has risen in price continuously since October last year, the rise in prices stopped only at the beginning of September 2021, according to Rosstat data. In the spring, in order to ensure food security, the Russian government introduced a temporary ban on the export of buckwheat, buckwheat, and buckwheat hulled …

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