The proportion of overweight children in Russia has become known

The incidence of obesity in children, especially among younger schoolchildren from 7 to 10 years old, is progressively increasing. This was reported to Izvestia by Pavel Okorokov, a pediatric endocrinologist, senior researcher at the pediatric department of periodology, reproductive and somatic development of the National Medical Research Center of Endocrinology of the Russian Ministry of Health, within the framework of the annual all-Russian action “Wave of Health”. He also called adolescent boys from 12 years of age at risk.

“The average figures for Russia in terms of the prevalence of obesity are from 5 to 10%, depending on the region. And almost a quarter of children, if you take all ages in general, are overweight. Unfortunately, in more than half of the cases, this leads to the development of obesity at an older age. 80% of children who were obese or overweight by adolescence retain these problems as adults. Throughout life, this is added to such complications as diabetes, arterial hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, ”said the specialist.

According to Pavel Okorokov, on average every fifth child in Russia is overweight, and every 15th is obese. The pandemic has worsened the current situation, the expert added. He clarified that the exact percentage of the increase in the number of obese children cannot yet be called, since during the period of restrictions, no one conducted such studies: access to schools was closed. But obviously the trend is the same as among the adult population, he said.

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