The production of raw materials for the vaccine “KoviVac” is suspended

The release of the coronavirus vaccine “KoviVac” by the Chumakov Center has been suspended for several months. The developer of the drug has closed the site where the raw materials for the drug are produced for modernization, sources told Kommersant on the pharmaceutical market. From the data of the Roszdravnadzor registry, it follows that from August 28 to September 22, the Chumakov Center did not put into circulation new series of vaccines, although earlier it produced 30–90 thousand doses per month. According to Kommersant’s estimates, from the moment the drug was registered in February and until mid-August, no more than 1 million doses were produced. DSM Group CEO Sergei Shulyak explained that the developer is installing new equipment to scale the release of the substance for the drug. Another source of Kommersant suggested that in an optimistic scenario, the modernization process would take two months. Nanolek, which is a partner in the production of KoviVac, confirmed that the Chumakov Center industrial site is under reconstruction. At the same time, the shutdown of production affected the plans of Nanolek, which intended to massively …

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