The new government of the Federal Republic of Germany will not ease the sanctions against Russia

One should not expect a softening of the sanctions policy from the future Cabinet of Ministers of the Federal Republic of Germany, since the backbone of the coalition will be formed by the same parties that have been in power in recent years. Urs Unkauf, a representative of the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade of the Federal Republic of Germany, said this in an interview with Izvestia.

“My expectations regarding the future government are rather pessimistic. Because the parties that, judging by the polls, will form a new government coalition, will ultimately be the same: CDU, CSU, FDP, and the already mentioned “Greens”. In recent years, they have supported the policy of limiting and curtailing cooperation with Russia. Therefore, I think that the initiative to restore and transfer our relations on a new track should come from business, from the sphere of culture, ”the politician explained.

He stressed that Moscow and Berlin need to increase interaction between the subjects of civil society of the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany. Urs Unkauf noted that a good example of such cooperation was given in Kaluga, where a bilateral German-Russian conference on interregional cooperation was held in June.

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