The Ministry of Transport proposed to introduce the responsibility of taxi ordering services to passengers

The Ministry of Transport has prepared a bill on taxi, which proposes to provide for the responsibility of taxi ordering services to passengers, said the representative of the Ministry of Transport Alexei Bakirey. The document also presupposes the creation of registers of taxi ordering services in Russian regions. “And here we also believe that the taxi ordering service should bear a certain responsibility related to the occurrence of damage to the passenger and his property, harm to the health and life of the passenger,” said Mr. Bakirey during a roundtable on the passenger taxi market held at the Federation Council (quoted by Interfax) The bill proposes to oblige taxi ordering services to provide self-employed taxi drivers with the opportunity to undergo all types of due diligence. In addition, the bill proposes the refusal to issue permits for transportation as a separate document and replace them with an entry in the relevant register. Another rule proposed by the bill is the separation of the vehicle from the carrier. “Providing….

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