The Ministry of Internal Affairs has prepared a regulation of control over employers of migrants

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has developed administrative regulations for state control over employers of labor migrants. The department will be able to conduct unscheduled documentary and field checks.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will check how companies comply with the rules of stay, residence, work of labor migrants, as well as their transit movement in Russia, TASS reports with reference to the draft order. Employees of the department will be able to request documents, determine the legality of the stay and work of migrants. Officials will be allowed to draw up protocols on administrative offenses in this area.

Companies are prohibited from hindering the Ministry of Internal Affairs, evading control in the field of migration. They have the right to appeal against the actions of officials. Based on the results of inspections, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be able to issue a warning about the inadmissibility of violations.

Last week, the Ministry of Internal Affairs presented a new version of the law on the conditions of entry and stay of foreigners in the Russian Federation. It radically changes the scheme of legalization of labor migrants in the country. In addition to patents, in order to work in Russia, it is proposed to oblige them to issue ID-cards, submit fingerprints, register on the portal of public services and register in the register of foreign workers. Employers wishing to attract migrants must register in another register.

More information about the bill is in the material of Kommersant “Throughout the entire register of the law”.

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