The Ministry of Industry and Trade does not exclude the issuance of preferential loans for low-carbon cars

Concessional loans can begin to be issued for low-carbon cars in Russia, Denis Pak, director of the department of automotive industry and railway engineering of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, said in an interview with TASS at the Innoprom forum.

According to him, the department plans to consider issues of adjusting the concessional lending program so that it also applies to low-carbon transport.

Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Economic Development submitted to the government a draft concept for the development of electric transport in Russia, which also implies measures to stimulate demand for them. According to the concept, in Russia by 2024 at least 28 thousand electric vehicles will be sold and produced annually, by 2030 their share will grow to at least 10% of sales.

“We do not prescribe in the concept:“ Company A must invest such and such an amount of money, ”although I can say that there are a number of state-owned companies that are interested in the development of infrastructure and component base, including Rosseti and Rosatom,” he explained representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, answering a question about private investments in the program.

In May, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade prepared a presentation of the electric transport development program until 2030. Its total budget is 418 billion rubles. The pilot cities will be Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Sevastopol, Kazan and Kaliningrad.

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