The Ministry of Energy proposed to postpone penalties for the delay in the installation of “smart” meters

The Ministry of Energy is developing a draft resolution, according to which grid organizations and guaranteeing suppliers will not be fined for non-installation of smart electricity meters until the end of 2023, the ministry’s press service reports. Responsibilities for electricity metering passed from consumers to networks and suppliers in July last year. The requirement for the mandatory installation of smart meters comes into force on January 1, 2022. “The project provides for the extension of the possibility of calibrating metering devices for network organizations and guaranteeing suppliers (for guaranteeing suppliers in terms of general house metering devices) until December 31, 2023”, – the message says. It is noted that suppliers can carry out verification of apartment appliances until 2025. According to the Ministry of Energy, from July 1, 2020 until the end of this year, about 4.5 million meters will be installed or verified. In 2022-2023, it is planned to install more than 8.5 million devices. Earlier, Kommersant found out that the installation of smart metering devices could lead to ….

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