The Ministry of Energy expects stabilization of exchange prices for gasoline after the refinery leaves repair

The fuel market in Russia is in a stable state, fluctuations in exchange prices are caused by repairs at oil refineries (refineries) and the transition of the market from summer to winter fuels. So the Ministry of Energy commented to TASS on the update of the record in the exchange trading of AI-95 gasoline. The ministry hopes that the completion of refurbishment at the refinery will help stabilize exchange prices for gasoline. At the same time, according to Rosstat, gasoline prices have been declining for the third week in a row. The Ministry of Energy expects that “after the completion of scheduled repairs at the refinery, a further increase in gasoline production will also contribute to the stabilization of exchange prices.” “We expect that in the future, retail prices will continue to change at a rate close to the inflation rate,” the ministry noted. market and their increase in the near future ”, – said the ministry….

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