The Ministry of Economy allowed the creation of a framework law on digital ecosystems

The government has preliminarily formulated the criteria by which the combination of services is proposed to be officially considered an ecosystem, said Vladislav Fedulov, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Russian Federation. He admitted that the government will prepare a framework law on the regulation of ecosystems, and the Central Bank will deal with the regulation of financial ecosystems, taking into account banking specifics. “Speaking beforehand, the first criterion is the close internal integration of related services, other than the anchor business … The second criterion is constant investments in digital innovations in various industries. In other words, when some innovative services work in a negative way so that others work in a positive way – and all this to attract the widest possible audience, “said Mr. Fedulov in an interview with the Vedomosti newspaper. He noted that the “network effect” that is thus generated worries the government the most. The deputy minister said that the expected framework law is “a kind of ecosystem constitution.” “The Central Bank will regulate by its own norms….

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