The Hydrometeorological Center told about the weather in Moscow on September 19

On Sunday, September 19, cloudy weather and light rain are expected in the capital. This was reported on the website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

During the day, the temperature in Moscow will be from +9 to +11 degrees. By nightfall there will be a cold snap to +3 … +5 degrees.

Forecasters warn about the winds of the north and north-west directions at a speed of 5-10 m / s, in some places gusts up to 17 m / s are possible.

Atmospheric pressure will remain in the range of 752 mm Hg.

On September 18, the leading expert of the Phobos weather center, Mikhail Leus, warned Muscovites about four days of rain. According to him, more than half of the monthly norm of precipitation may fall in Moscow next week. Monday, he said, will be the rainiest and coldest day.

Earlier on Saturday, September 2021 was named the coldest in the 21st century in the history of Moscow. As explained by the head of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology of the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University, Doctor of Geography, Professor Alexander Kislov, the unusually cold weather is explained by the air flow from the Kara Sea.

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